The Stone Fleet and Skull Creek - Hilton Head Island

The Stone Fleet and Skull Creek

Looking for something else, I found an article about the Stone Fleet. Have you ever heard of it? During the Civil War, old ships were filled with rocks and sand, sent south and sunk to block supplies and Confederate ships. Their remains are in Skull Creek and perhaps other areas around Hilton Head Island. During [...]

Fort Mitchell – Hilton Head – design42

Fort Mitchel

There are remains of four Civil War forts on Hilton Head. Fort Mitchel is at 65 Skull Creek Drive. Fort Mitchel was built in 1861 by Union Army. It was never meant to be a permanent fort. Fort Mitchel was built to defend Seabrook Landing, a coaling station and ship maintenance location during the Civil [...]

Carolina Marsh Tacky on Hilton Head Island

Carolina Marsh Tacky Horses

This horse is a Marsh Tacky. Marsh Tacky horses are small compared to other horses, less than five feet tall. Standard is 13 to 15 hands or 52 to 60 inches.  They have rather short sturdy legs and a narrow chest. They come in a lot of different colors; bay, black, chestnut, dun, roan or [...]

Fort Howell - Civil War on Hilton Head Island

Fort Howell

Fort Howell is one of the best preserved Civil War earthen forts in South Carolina. It was built to defend Hilton Head Island and protect the freedmen's town of Mitchelville. The fort is at 160 Beach City Rd. Fort Howell covers nearly three acres on what was once the William Pope plantation. Fort Howell This [...]

Green’s Shell Enclosure Heritage Preserve – Hilton Head Island

Green’s Shell Enclosure Heritage Preserve

Green’s Shell Enclosure is a ring of piled oyster shells.  It is old, maybe nearly a thousand years old. It is easy to find, right off Squire Pope Road. There is a board with information about the history of the shell ring and nature at the shell enclosure. Welcome! This South Carolina Department of Natural [...]

Hudson’s Shrimp Boats

Hudson’s Shrimp Boats

Our favorite restaurant on Hilton Head Island, Hudson’s has it's own fleet of shrimp boats. Hudson’s Menu says; THOSE ARE REAL SHRIMP BOATS "Hudson’s is the only restaurant on Hilton Head Island that has a working fleet of shrimp boats. Jeff and Skip Toomer are third generation shrimpers, and they directly dock at the restaurant [...]

Greyton H Taylor Memorial Family Park

Greyton H Taylor Memorial Family Park

I found this little park walking around on Wild Horse Rd. So, who was Greyton H Taylor? He was a son of Walter Taylor. Walter Taylor founded the Taylor Wine Company in upstate New York in 1880. You’ve seen Taylor wine. It’s the stuff that comes in the really big bottles. Walter Stephen Taylor was [...]