design42 Receives SBCA Best of Business Award for 2011 & 2009 in the Graphics Category for Ft. Lauderdale

In recognition of achievement, design42 has been presented with an SBCA Best of Business Award for Ft. Lauderdale for Graphics...Read More >

design42 New Media Receives Web Design and Content Development 2009 Best of Business Award for Western North Carolina

In recognition of achievement, design42 New Media has been presented with an SBCA Best of Business Award for Western North Carolina in the Web Design and Content Development category...Read More >

design42 Recognized with US Commerce Association Best of Fort Lauderdale Award for 2009 in the Computer Graphics Service Category

design42 has been honored with the USCA Best of Fort Lauderdale Award in the Computer Graphics Service category...Read More >

design42 is listed on Kellysearch in these areas:

Banner Design, Promotional
Business Internet Services
Business Web Site Consultancy
Business Web Site Maintenance
Catalog Creation, Internet Based
Computer Software, Banner Design
Computer Software, Internet Publishing
Computer Systems, Multimedia, Internet Publishing
Digital Media Production, Internet
Direct Mail, Internet
Graphics, Banners
Graphics, Web Site
Information Services, Internet Based
Information Services, Internet Based, Media Industry
Information Technology (IT) Brand Development Consultancy
Internet Accessibility Consultancy
Internet Advertising Sales Management
Internet Banner Creation
Internet Based Advertising
Internet Based Information Services
Internet Commerce Consultancy
Internet Consultancy
Internet Development
Internet Flash Animation
Internet Illustrations
Internet Marketing or Public Relations Services
Internet Marketing Strategy Consultancy
Internet Marketing, Manufacturing Industry
Internet Marketing, Packaging Industry
Internet Marketing, Printing Industry
Internet Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS)
Internet or Electronic Commerce (eCommerce) Services
Internet Project Analysis Design
Internet Search Engine Advertising
Internet Search Engine Marketing
Internet Testing
Internet Translation Services
Internet Usability Consultancy
Market Research, Internet Based
Market Research, Internet Based Sales
Marketing Consultancy, Brand Creation
Marketing Consultancy, Brand Creation, Corporate
Marketing Consultancy, Brand Creation, Internet
Marketing Consultancy, Brand Design, Retail Industry
Marketing Consultancy, Brand Evaluation
Marketing Consultancy, Brand Management
Marketing Consultancy, Brand Management, Electronic Commerce (eCommerce)
Marketing Consultancy, Brand Positioning
Marketing Consultancy, Brands
Public Relations Consultancy or Services, Corporate Identity
Remote Website Solutions
Web Hosting, Secure
Web Services Integration
Web Site Consultancy
Web Site Content Management
Web Site Creation, Multiple Pages, Own Domain Name
Web Site Creation, Single Page, Hosted Site
Web Site Design or Creation Services
Web Site Design, Active Server Pages
Web Site Design, Development
Web Site Design, Flash
Web Site Design, Graphics
Web Site Design, HTML
Web Site Design, Interactive
Web Site Design, Structured Query Language (SQL)
Web Site Design, Style Sheets
Web Site Design, Three Dimensional (D) Animation
Web Site Digital Market Place
Web Site Hosting
Web Site Hosting Resellers
Web Site Hosting, Electronic Commerce (eCommerce)
Web Site Management or Control Systems
Web Site Positioning Services
Web Site Promotion
Website Authoring Services
Website Based Training (WBT)
Website Design, Content Managed
Website Design, DHTML
Website Design, Remote
Website Maintenance
Website Maintenance, Remote
Website Optimisation Services
Website Ranking
Website Services, Managed
Website Services, Remote