Research and purchase a domain name

We can help you find and register exactly the right name for your website.

.com is probably the best choice, but what do you do if your name is already taken? We can register a variation or choose an address with a different domain name ending. There are now over 350 domains to choose from. You might choose .club, .email, .photography, .accountant, .cafe, .bargains, .tv, .guru, .pizza or something else.


We host sites with Dreamhost. We have found their hosting to be very reliable. Bandwidth and storage space are not an issue. We have been consistently pleased with their performance. Sites are served up fast and with redundant internet connections and power supplies, downtime is minimized. The last time we had noticeable downtime for any of the sites we host was in 2007.

Blog Hosting

It doesn't have to cost much at all to get started as a Blogger. You can have a Blog on DreamHost for as little as $2.59 a month. They install WordPress for you and even register your Domain Name for free!

Design a unique website

If you've seen it, we can make it for you. design42 is an easy, one-stop solution for your internet business. Whether you want a 1000+ page ecommerce site, a basic business brochure to give your business a professional online presence or a personal blog to express yourself, we can give you everything you want. On time. On budget.

Set up a WordPress site

WordPress is a great option for a blog, website or ecommerce on-line store.

You build it: Tell us what login and password you want and we will set up a WordPress site for you to build your website, blog or on-line store yourself. 

We build it: We can install whatever Theme you choose and customize it with your copy, photos and custom menu.

Set up an on-line store

Zen Cart is a free open-source shopping cart system. It is very user-friendly. It can be completely customized. It has popular shipping and payment method gateways built in. It is very stable and secure. Zen Cart has been around since 2003.

WordPress is free open-source web-based software you can use to create an eCommerce website. Free and not-so-free Themes and Plugins allow you to run a complete shopping cart on-line store. WooCommerce is the most commonly used free eCommerce plugin. It launched in 2011, but it now powers 30% of all online stores. It allows you to sell physical and digital goods. It configures to free shipping, flat rate shipping, even drop shipping. You can accept major credit cards, PayPal, BACS (bank transfers), even cash on delivery. You control taxes, stock levels and customer accounts.

On-line Catalog: You don't have to have security and a payment gateway to have an on-line store. You can have a website that is a catalog for your store, then accept orders by phone, much as a print catalog does. This model is successful for items that are complicated to sell, with many parts or custom configurations.

If you've read wonderful things about some other on-line store, I'm sure I can figure that out, too. These are the ones I have experience with.

Set up custom email addresses

Even if your business does not have a website yet, using your business name as your email address gives your business a more professional look. You can use a number of email addresses, for example, or Each email address may either have a separate mail box, or you may forward them to a single account. Using Outlook or another email program, you can collect email from all of the accounts and then select which account to send from when you send or reply to email.

Write the copy that works for site visitors and Search Engines

This is where a lot of web projects fall apart. Writing the words for each page of your website and writing logical captions for your photos can be the most difficult part of your internet project.

design42 can:

  • Write the words for your website for you
  • Edit the words you have written
  • Interview you, then write your copy
  • Work with you writing your web content
  • Edit your translated words into American English

The most important thing on your website is the words. Search Engines see words. Photos are important, but words are persuasive. If you want to generate sales, you need clear, powerful, persuasive copy on your website.

Design the logo

Show us some examples of logos you like and tell us what you like about them.
Have an idea? Sketch it out and we will clean it up.

Take or buy your photos

If you take the photos, I can clean them up and optimize them for you.

There are a lot of sites where we can buy stock photos.

If you live near us (Hendersonville, NC), I can drop by and take the photos.

The photos I take with my iPhone are as good as the ones I take with my expensive camera. Yours are probably good, too. The trick to getting good photos is often just taking a lot and deleting the bad ones.

Create or buy illustrations

There are sites that sell illustration. You just look through them all and find what you want. Or show us an example of what you are looking for and we will create it for you.

Add a Search Box to Your Site

Most sites need a way to search. Adding a search box to your site helps you and helps your site visitors. It saves time and it helps your visitor to easily find what they are looking for. This makes sure you are turning visitors into customers.

Social Media

I can help you set up your Social Media accounts; Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. and link them to your website.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an excellent tool for some businesses. I can set up your account and create a template that is consistent with the look and feel of your website in an hour or less.

Call us at (828) 692-7270 or email Make an appointment for a personal consultation at your home or business or at the design42 office.

We Accept All Major Credit Cards, Personal Checks & PayPal
Installment Plans Available

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