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If you are on this page, something I am doing worked.

Is what I write relevant to your business?

I’ve had requests to advertise on my blogs. Clients have found my blogs and would like to reach my readership through advertising.

As an experiment, I am accepting limited advertising on my blogs. I am offering a single Introductory Plan. You can test drive it, at a flat rate for one year. At the end of the year, we will assess the results to see if it is working for both of us. If you feel it has had value for you, we can move forward.


Introductory Plan

I want this to be of value to you, so this plan uses an ad that can be repurposed on Facebook, Pinterest or other Social Media.

Choose a site.

Project Small House

Hilton Head Island

Greetings from the Past

A Different Visit

The Underground World of Caves

My Design42 Lighting & Design

Fun & Profit

Choose a page.

Choose a location on the page.

What else you get


I believe the best way to leverage this is by using Pinterest. I love Pinterest. Pinterest has worked really well for us and some of my clients. Click-throughs from Pinterest account for more than 10% of the traffic on one of the sites I manage.

I will pin your ad, with directed link to your site. You should too.

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Future Plans

I’ve had advertising on these blogs before, using Google AdSense and other third party advertising revenue streams. I don’t like not having control over what is shown on my page.

At the end of a year, we can revisit this. If it is working for both of us, we will work out a compensation structure that is fair. I don’t know whether I will charge a flat rate, cost per click, a combination or not bother with it at all. I have no way currently of assessing expected traffic.

Other Services

Sponsored Posts and Copy Writing

Let us know if you have an idea of something I should write about. I would love to write for your blog. We can set up a blog as part of your site or a separate independant blog to deliver traffic to your site.

Text Links

I won’t do Spam text links. But, I will add a linked text caption to your ad. See other examples on my blogs.

Social Media

I am available to clean up and administer your Facebook Business page to help you keep it professional and approachable.

Call us at (828) 692-7270 or email Make an appointment for a personal consultation at your home or business or at the design42 office.

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