Hilton Head Mysteries: The Bay Tanner Series by Kathryn R. Wall

Hilton Head Mysteries: The Bay Tanner Series by Kathryn R. Wall

I read books set in a place I am going to visit. I love biographies and historical fiction set in a location I am learning about. I didn’t find a lot written with Hilton Head Island as a setting.

Then, when I was on the island, I found a mystery by Kathryn R. Wall. It was one of the 3 for $1.00 books at the Friends’ of the Library Book Shop.

These are good. And there are a bunch of them. They are not at the library, but they are easy to get on Amazon.

Bay Tanner, Kathryn R. Wall’s main character, lives in Port Royal Plantation on Hilton Head Island.  Most of the places in the books are real. Some are very similar to real places. The writer has a map of locations you can reach from her website, www.kathrynwall.com.

Each book gets better. Really. The one I just finished, Judas Island, had a can’t-put-it-down ending. And it all hung together. When I finished, I re-read the first part again to see what I had missed. Excellent. Really. You could probably read them in any order, but Bay’s story unfolds if you read them in order. Characters that you meet in the early books continue in the later books and it is good to know the backstory.

I don’t remember any bad language. There is some sex and violence, but not sick-making. And it is part of the plot, not just dumped in for no apparent reason. I’m trying to think what I can tell without ruining any of the mysteries for you…

What I like best is that the Island is a character in the books.

Bay Tanner Mysteries Order of Books

The links will open on the Amazon page. Books are available digital, hardcover, paperback, new and used. If they show Collectible, they are signed by Kathryn  Wall.