The Shops & Galleries of Old Town Bluffton

The historic district of Old Town Bluffton on the banks of the May River has many art and craft galleries, shops and restaurants. The Spartina 449 Flagship Store is in a historic house in Old Town Bluffton. The Old Town Dispensary Bar & Restaurant in Bluffton There is a Farmer's Market in front of the [...]

Old Fort Pub in Hilton Head Plantation – Hilton Head Island – design42

Old Fort Pub Restaurant

The Old Fort Pub Restaurant is right next to Fort Mitchel in Hilton Head Plantation. Just tell them you are going to the restaurant at the gate and they will give you a pass. The Old Fort Pub was highly recommended to us a few times. We have been told to go for their Happy [...]

Hudson’s Shrimp Boats

Hudson’s Shrimp Boats

Our favorite restaurant on Hilton Head Island, Hudson’s has it's own fleet of shrimp boats. Hudson’s Menu says; THOSE ARE REAL SHRIMP BOATS "Hudson’s is the only restaurant on Hilton Head Island that has a working fleet of shrimp boats. Jeff and Skip Toomer are third generation shrimpers, and they directly dock at the restaurant [...]

Frankie Bones Restaurant Early Bird

We used to visit the Frankie Bones Restaurant near Hendersonville. That one is gone, but the one on Hilton Head is still there. Frankie Bones Restaurant Early Bird Frankie Bones has an Early Bird menu. You have to get to the restaurant before 5:30. There is a nice selection. Not as nice as the real [...]