Hudson’s Shrimp Boats

Hudson’s Shrimp Boats

Our favorite restaurant on Hilton Head Island, Hudson’s has it’s own fleet of shrimp boats.

Hilton Head Island: The Dock by Hudson's Seafood Restaurant with with boats and a shrimp boat

Shrimp boat at Hudson’s Dock

Hudson’s Menu says;


“Hudson’s is the only restaurant on Hilton Head Island that has a working fleet of shrimp boats. Jeff and Skip Toomer are third generation shrimpers, and they directly dock at the restaurant to deliver fresh locally caught shrimp. Yes, Hudson’s pays a little more for the good stuff, but it’s worth every penny. Our local shrimp is sweet-tasting, succulent, and downright delicious. A good catch will bring in a haul of over a 1,000 pounds of shrimp.”

Hilton Head Island: Hudson's Restaurant on Skull Creek

Hudson’s Restaurant on Skull Creek is built on oyster shells.

An oyster processing factory was built here in 1912. That’s why the dining room is named The Oyster Factory.  Local oysters were brought by boat, shucked and barged to the Northeast. As you walk up to the restaurant, you can see that it is built on a  pile of oyster shells that stretches into Skull Creek.

  1. B. Hudson, Sr. purchased The Oyster Factory in the 1920s.

Hudson’s Menu says;

“In 1953 his son J.B. Hudson, Jr. added fresh locally caught shrimp to the operation, and in 1967, the operation grew to 95 seats. In 1975, Brian and Gloria Carmines—transplants from Long Island, NY via Atlanta, GA—purchased Hudson’s, and a new family tradition began. Brian worked the first six months as a chef while the rest of family cleared tables, took orders, and served the best local seafood in the Lowcountry. Today, Hudson’s seats over 345 people and serves the island’s finest seafood to more than a 1,000 guests on a typical summer night.”

Hilton Head Island: The sunset begins, near the large anchor at Hudson's Restaurant

The sunset begins, near the large anchor at Hudson’s Restaurant

Hilton Head Island: Dolphin in Skull Creek, between Pinckney Island and Hilton Head Island

Dolphin by the shrimp boat in front of Hudson’s Restaurant