Fort Mitchell – Hilton Head – design42

Fort Mitchel

There are remains of four Civil War forts on Hilton Head. Fort Mitchel is at 65 Skull Creek Drive. Fort Mitchel was built in 1861 by Union Army. It was never meant to be a permanent fort. Fort Mitchel was built to defend Seabrook Landing, a coaling station and ship maintenance location during the Civil [...]

Yellow-bellied Slider Turtles – Hilton Head Island

Yellow-bellied Slider Turtles

We often stay at Blue Water Resort. Turtles, birds and alligators live in the lagoon in the middle of the resort buildings. Turtles swim around in the lagoon and sun themselves at the edge. This guy has found a piece of driftwood to relax on. This is a Yellow-bellied Slider Turtle. They are very common. [...]

Green’s Shell Enclosure Heritage Preserve – Hilton Head Island

Green’s Shell Enclosure Heritage Preserve

Green’s Shell Enclosure is a ring of piled oyster shells.  It is old, maybe nearly a thousand years old. It is easy to find, right off Squire Pope Road. There is a board with information about the history of the shell ring and nature at the shell enclosure. Welcome! This South Carolina Department of Natural [...]

Alligators on Hilton Head Island

Alligators on Hilton Head Island

There are a lot of alligators on Hilton Head Island. You see them near freshwater and brackish lagoons and ponds and on the golf course. They’ve even walked out of the waves on the beach. They are native to the island. The average female is about 8 feet long. The average male is about 11 [...]

Easy Birds to See on Hilton Head Island

Easy Birds to See on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island Audubon Society says you can spot up to 200 types of birds on the island. These birds are common. These are all either photos we took on Hilton Head Island or birds we see a lot. TipsWhen you see a bird, watch it and note identifying characteristics. Shape Color and markings Movements; [...]

Kayaking Skull Creek

Kayaking Skull Creek

We usually stay at Bluewater Resort & Marina when we visit Hilton Head Island. It is a timeshare resort with a private dock on the Intracoastal Waterway. They offer free kayaks and life jackets while you stay. You have to do an orientation, which is just watching some videos and a short lecture. Then you [...]

Pinckney Island - Hilton Head Island

Pinckney Island

As you drive over the bridge to Hilton Head Island, you go over Pinckney Island. The bridge is the Mackay Creek bridge.  As you go over it, you can see the big sign that says Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. Pinckney Island is between Hilton Head and the mainland. It is nearly 4 miles long, [...]

Discovery House museum at Honey Horn Plantation & Coastal Discovery Museum

Honey Horn Plantation & Coastal Discovery Museum

Step back in time at the historic Honey Horn Plantation. These are the only remaining historic buildings on the island. Discovery House museum has natural history and cultural heritage exhibits. It follows island history from pre-European natives, to plantation history and other islanders who lived, worked or hunted on Hilton Head Island. Exhibits at Discovery [...]

How can you tell a crane from a heron?

How can you tell a crane from a heron?

Cranes are often seen in flocks. Herons chase each other away. Herons fly and forage alone, although sometimes a few will sleep in the same tree. Cranes’ necks are a shorter and they usually hold them straight. Herons curve their necks into an S. When they are flying they pull their neck totally in. Cranes [...]

Dolphin Strand Feeding

I saw an episode on National Geographic about dolphins that chase fish onto the beach to eat them. Hilton Head Island is one of the places they do this. Dolphins will round up a school of fish and herd them toward the shore or river bank. They push the fish onto the sand or mud, [...]