Relax & Recharge with a wellness retreat at Hilton Head Health - Win a Week at Hilton Head Health - Hilton Head Island

Win a Week at Hilton Head Health

The January 2019 issue of Good Housekeeping gives you a chance to win a week on Hilton Head Island at Hilton Head Health, an all-inclusive spa. You Could Win! $6,900 Value* Enter Now! It doesn’t cost anything to enter. You have to sign up for a subscription to Good Housekeeping. You get the first issue [...]

My Sister’s Closet Consignment Store – Hilton Head Island – design42

My Sister’s Closet Consignment Store

What do you do when it rains? Hilton Head is rich in thrift stores and consignment stores. My Sister’s Closet is a fixture on Hilton Head Island. It is a consignment store, so the prices are higher. But, you don’t have to pick through a lot of worn out clothing to find the gems. Everything [...]

Osprey Village Thrift on Main - Hilton Head Island

Osprey Village Thrift on Main

Hilton Head Island Osprey Village Thrift Store is at 2600 Main Street, Unit 101. They are not open on Sunday or Monday, but every other day they open at 10:00 AM. They close at 1:00 on Saturday and 4:00 every other day they are open. Osprey Village Thrift Store is big and they have a [...]

Fort Mitchell – Hilton Head – design42

Fort Mitchel

There are remains of four Civil War forts on Hilton Head. Fort Mitchel is at 65 Skull Creek Drive. Fort Mitchel was built in 1861 by Union Army. It was never meant to be a permanent fort. Fort Mitchel was built to defend Seabrook Landing, a coaling station and ship maintenance location during the Civil [...]

Yellow-bellied Slider Turtles – Hilton Head Island

Yellow-bellied Slider Turtles

We often stay at Blue Water Resort. Turtles, birds and alligators live in the lagoon in the middle of the resort buildings. Turtles swim around in the lagoon and sun themselves at the edge. This guy has found a piece of driftwood to relax on. This is a Yellow-bellied Slider Turtle. They are very common. [...]

Carolina Marsh Tacky on Hilton Head Island

Carolina Marsh Tacky Horses

This horse is a Marsh Tacky. Marsh Tacky horses are small compared to other horses, less than five feet tall. Standard is 13 to 15 hands or 52 to 60 inches.  They have rather short sturdy legs and a narrow chest. They come in a lot of different colors; bay, black, chestnut, dun, roan or [...]

Old Fort Pub in Hilton Head Plantation – Hilton Head Island – design42

Old Fort Pub Restaurant

The Old Fort Pub Restaurant is right next to Fort Mitchel in Hilton Head Plantation. Just tell them you are going to the restaurant at the gate and they will give you a pass. The Old Fort Pub was highly recommended to us a few times. We have been told to go for their Happy [...]