A Different Visit to Ireland

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Driving in Ireland

You drive on the left lane and the steering wheel is on the right. The speed limit signs are in kilometers. That is slower than miles, even if there are miles on your speedometer. Many roads are narrow with walls on both sides and signs are confusing or nonexistent. Get the best insurance!
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Irish Language, Gaelic

I had a very hard time understanding anyone when I first got to Ireland. They were speaking English, but I was not understanding the accent. When I had to go to the Emergency Room, they called in an Indian doctor to “translate” for me, since I was not answering their questions right.
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That smell? Like suntan lotion or a Pina Colada? That is gorse. When I opened the car windows, the fragrance was everywhere.
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My Food in Ireland

I had mixed experience with food in Ireland. Pubs were better than restaurants. At least for what I like to eat.

Most breakfasts were spectacular, when I was there to eat them.
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Bagpipes in Ireland

When I stayed in Doolin, I heard bagpipe music. I stayed at Craggy Island B&B in Ardeamush. This is the home of musician Adrian O’Connor and his family. I spent a couple of days wandering. Traditional Irish music spills out of the pubs. Continue reading

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