Coastal Discovery Museum Boardwalks

Coastal Discovery Museum Boardwalks

There are two boardwalks at the Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn; the Oyster Alley Boardwalk and the Osprey Outlook Boardwalk. The boardwalks go out over the Salt Marsh through the Smooth Cord Grass. It can grow in salt water. Closer to shore  Black Needle Rush can grow where there is fresh water runoff. The [...]

Are the snakes on Hilton Head Island?

Are there snakes on Hilton Head Island?

We were walking back from the beach and I very nearly stepped on this guy. I never even saw him until someone told me to watch out. Are there snakes on Hilton Head Island? Yes. Yes, there are certainly snakes on Hilton Head. We’ve never seen any before and we’ve come to the island for [...]

Tabby Ruins on Squire Pope Road

Tabby Ruins on Squire Pope Road

Across from Bluewater Resort is a field with an old tabby building in it. When we first stayed there, I think this is where we saw deer in the field. There used to be goats, sheep and deer. And I think some horses, too. I tried to look up what the ruins were of, but [...]

Hilton Head Island Airport

We don’t live that far from Hilton Head Island, so we drive, but we’ve had friends fly in to meet us. Hilton Head Island isn’t really close to any of the big city airports, but my friends were surprised to find how reasonable a flight to Hilton Head Island can be. There may be other [...]

Bluewater Resort on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island Bluewater Resort

We own two timeshare weeks on Hilton Head Island, Bluewater and Carolina Club. They are both by Spinnaker Resorts. This is a Bluewater two-bedroom. Come delight in the beauty of the Intracoastal Waterway and savor stunning sunsets from the dock at Bluewater Resort & Marina. This Spinnaker Premier luxury vacation resort has something for everyone, [...]

The Stone Fleet and Skull Creek - Hilton Head Island

The Stone Fleet and Skull Creek

Looking for something else, I found an article about the Stone Fleet. Have you ever heard of it? During the Civil War, old ships were filled with rocks and sand, sent south and sunk to block supplies and Confederate ships. Their remains are in Skull Creek and perhaps other areas around Hilton Head Island. During [...]