Lewis & Clark Caverns – Less than an hour west of Bozeman, Montana.

We were looking for something to do while we waited a couple of days for the rest of the family to meet us in Bozeman to head into Yellowstone.

There are guided tours from May 1-September 30. You hike to the top entrance, then exit through a lower cave. The entire tour is 2 miles and lasts 2 hours.

It was a really beautiful cave and the tour guide was excellent! I would recommend this as a great introduction to caves for anyone.

The walk shouldn’t have been that bad, but I wasn’t used to the altitude.
Cave Entrance
The cave is completely lighted.

There is some sliding and squeezing.

There are plenty of stairs, all with hand rails.
The cave guide points out features. He mixed history, geology and fanciful names for features.
Beautiful features.
Look up!
There were remnants of old ladders left from earlier explorers.
A really enjoyable part of our trip to the Yellowstone area.

Lewis & Clark Caverns

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