Email & Webmail Accounts

Set up your domain name email using webmail or Outlook

Using your business name as your email address gives your business a more professional look. Even if your business does not have a website yet, register your domain name so you can having a custom email address.

You can keep the same email address, even when you change your Internet Service Provider. Your email address is easier to remember.

You can send or receive your email using any computer with Internet access, or download it using an email program like Outlook, Outlook Express or another email client.

Your email can be hosted with your website or forward to any email account you are already using.

You can use a number of email addresses, for example, or Each email address may either have a separate mail box, or you may forward them to a single account. Using Outlook or another email program, you can collect email from all of the accounts and then select which account to send from when you send or reply to email.

With Web-Based Email Access, you can send or receive email from any computer anywhere. You can check your email while you are at the office, at home or on vacation.

If you host your own email, you don’t have to worry about disk space quotas. Use as much space as you need.

You can also use your email account to set up Newsletters, Vacation Auto-Responders, Discussion Lists or Email Announcement Lists.