How To Save Photos from a Web Page

How To Save Photos from a Web Page

Help! I have lost control of my website. How do I get the photos to make the website again? First: Don’t steal. These are not instructions on how to steal someone else’s photos.* How to Save a Few Photos If there are just a few photos, hover the mouse over each one. Click the right … Read more

Amazon Associate Site Maintenance

Amazon Associates Tips

Every once in a while you should revisit posts or pages that include Amazon affiliate links. Sometimes the product you link to has moved or been removed from the site. If you haven’t already, add SiteStripe. It lets you create links as soon as you find a product you like. From the product page you … Read more

WordPress Layouts

Choose a WordPress Layouts

This post is to help you tell us what you want your new website to look like. There are a lot of different layouts available. Most sites use a mixture of these ideas. Single Column This is a single column layout from Storefront by WooCommerce. It looks like what you see on your phone, but … Read more

What are the parts of a website called?

Whether you are designing your own website or someone is doing it for you, it is really helpful to know the words for the different parts of a webpage.

If you are running into difficulties, you can Google for help if you know the word for what you are talking about.

It is a lot easier for your designer to give you want you want if you are both using the same words for things.

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