What is a good conversion rate?

What is conversion?

Conversion can mean so many things that it can be confusing. The word only means changing from one thing to another. For example, lead into gold, a factory into housing.

For online marketing, Conversion means taking the desired action.

The action can be whatever you want people to do. It can mean seeing an ad to clicking on the ad. You may want them to fill out a form or purchase something. Conversion is people doing what you want, responding to your Call to Action.

WordPress Site Stats and Insights – 863 visitors went to 1,214 pages today.

What do you want people to do? Where do you make your money? If you are making money on people seeing Google advertising on your page, you want people to see more pages. A good action is to go to the next page. If what they are reading is interesting enough, people will want to read more. A good conversion rate might be the number of unique visitors to the number of pages visited. If you use WordPress, you can find this in stats on Jetpack using the phone app or by clicking view enhanced stats on WordPress.com.

Amazon Conversion Rate

If you are making your money from Amazon, you want people to purchase.

On this day my Conversion rate on Amazon is 15.66%.

Amazon Conversion Rate

The Amazon Conversion rate is the number of items ordered divided by the number of clicks on your links.

The conversion rate is calculated on the number of items purchased, not the dollar value of those items. On days that people bought a lot of groceries through my links it looks like an amazing Conversion rate, but each item ordered was only a little bit of money, an extremely little bit of earnings for me.

How can I improve my conversion rate?

The Amazon Associates Resource Center has an article you might find helpful on how to Improve Your Conversions.

Some of the advice is really common sense, like making sure your links aren’t broken and that you have your Tracking ID in everything.

It has some advice if you are seeing a low conversion rate. It has some things to check if your site has a “high number of clicks but these are only leading to a few orders.” And it has some examples of successful sites you can learn from.

What is a good conversion rate?

I don’t know.

And honestly, I don’t worry that much about it.

I worry more about visitors having a good experience on my site. I figure if people can find what they want, read something informative or entertaining, they will stay, buy something or come back.