5 Reasons Your Blog or Site Images May Look Blurry

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How to use WordPress to edit your photos

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How do I set up billing so I don’t lose my business Google email?

Free Google administered email is going away. If you want to keep using it, you have to start paying for it. This is how to set up billing. Go to admin.google.com. You must sign in using your administrator account, not your personal account if they are not the same. It must be an account with … Read more

How to post square videos on Instagram

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You set up my blog site for me. How do I add Posts and Pages?

It is going to be really simple. Just copy from Microsoft Word, paste into WordPress and click Publish. Select Categories and Tags to organize and add pictures to make your site more appealing. Scan these easy steps, and return to them if you run into trouble. Printable PDF Instructions for Adding Your First Post When … Read more