WordPress keeps deleting my code snippets!

I have been trying to add eBay Partner Network code to my pages to show eBay ads on my pages and WordPress keeps taking them back out again!

Yeah! That is really annoying!

eBay Partner Network Smart Placements Banner Builder Tool

eBay Smart Placements lets you display a banner of eBay listings on your pages that update automatically to show current eBay listings.

Smart Placements
Create banners to promote eBay seamlessly by matching eBay listings to your individual visitors in real-time
Your smart placement banners will be created, stored and edited here. They are dynamic in nature, which means you can update them here without having to replace the code on your website.

You choose the Search Term and the Categories to search. Set the size and logo color.

If the search is not likely to have many listings, you can choose to Auto-Optimize the ad banner by adding products that match the context or to add other products from the category that don’t match your Search Term.

If eBay Partner Network doesn’t seem to work right, try a different browser. The site does not play nice with all browsers or browser settings.

eBay Partner Network Smart Placements Tag Codes

The tool gives you two snippets of code.

You might already have the Head Tag Code installed. How do I add snippets of code to my site?

But the Insert Tag code goes on each page, wherever you want the ad banner to show up.

You paste the code in, click Preview Changes. It looks fine. And then WordPress erases the code. AAARGH!!!!!

Denis Bouquet’s Function Tag Fix Code Snippets
Installed Using the Snippets Plugin from Code Snippets Pro


One Fix to WordPress Removing Code.

There might be other ways to do this, but this way works.

Denis Bouquet wrote a code snippet to fix this. You can find it here: Stop WordPress removing tags – without plugins

He says to put it in your function.php file. I already had the Code Snippets plugin installed, so I tried adding it there and it worked.

There are likely other ways to solve this, but I only need one. This works for me.