Can I just opt out of Prime Day?

I made less money, not more for Prime Day and then I had all the returns. I just got a message on my Amazon Associates page that says I can opt in. Can I just not click it and avoid all this?

Wow! Thinking outside the box. No. That is not how Prime Day works at all. You can choose not to click the button to accept, but all you are opting out of is the rate promotion. During Prime Day you get higher rates on sales in some categories.

This rate promotion is a limited time offer. By accepting this offer, you will earn higher rates on sales in commission-eligible categories for the duration of the promotion.

If you click, you earn significantly more for most sales from Jul 3 until July 18, 2023. Why would you opt out of that?

If you don’t click, you won’t get the higher rates. The message should still be in your Amazon Associates front page until July 7.  You have to click the ‘Accept Offer’ button to earn the bonus.

Evidently you are not the only one to have this idea. The FAQ page has this response.

4. What will happen if I do nothing or do not wish to opt in?

Don’t worry! We won’t enroll you unless you accept the offer.

Not everyone gets this offer. It is invite-only and non-transferable.

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