What day of the week has the highest Amazon sales?

Amazon Associates Tips

When I first started being an Amazon Associate being an Amazon Associate I checked my report all the time. My first really big sale was on a Sunday and I’ve noticed that I have more big sales on Sunday. A lot of the higher dollar amount items that sell don’t ship for a while, but again and again I see the higher sales on Sunday.

Is this typical? Is there anything I can do with this information? I came up with this article;

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Have Fewer Amazon Returns

Amazon Associates Tips

Amazon Prime Day 2021 was Monday, June 21 to Tuesday, June 22. My experience with Prime Day is mixed. Around the time they announce Prime Day my site traffic goes up a little, but Amazon sales go down. I am assuming people are putting things in their cart to see if they go down on … Read more

Amazon Associate Site Maintenance

Amazon Associates Tips

Every once in a while you should revisit posts or pages that include Amazon affiliate links. Sometimes the product you link to has moved or been removed from the site. If you haven’t already, add SiteStripe. It lets you create links as soon as you find a product you like. From the product page you … Read more

Amazon Ad Caching

Amazon Associates Tips

Amazon caches the ads on your site to make them display faster when someone loads a page. When you make changes to the page, you can’t really see the changes correctly right away. They changes are made. Anyone coming to the page will see the changes. But you are seeing some kinda confusing cached stuff. … Read more

How Long Does Amazon Take?

Amazon Associates Tips

If I understand the question, you want to know how long it takes to make money from Amazon Associates ads. How long does it take from when someone clicks an Amazon ad on my site until I get paid if they buy something? When someone clicks your link, puts the item in their shopping cart … Read more

AdSense Ad Serving Limit

Help! I just got a message from Google that says “The number of ads you can show has been limited. For details, go to the Policy center.” What do I do? It happens. The first time I got this message I really panicked.  I also got an email that said; Ad serving limit placed on … Read more