Should it be I or Me?

I just received a message telling me about an error on one of my blogs. The person told me I had used “me” when it should be “I.” Sometimes it can be tricky to determine if you should be using “me” or “I” in a sentence. Use the pronoun “I” when the person speaking is … Read more

Social Media, Blogs, Selfies and Photos

Most Social Media and many blogs include a lot of selfies. Do you have to have selfies?

No. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. I have extremely few selfies on my Social Media and I don’t remember any photos of me at all on all but one of my blogs.

But, there are good reasons to have some photos of you on your site. Photos with faces boost engagement up to 40%. And if you are going to include your photos, you want to look good.

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Do I have to build a community to be a blogger?

Want to be a Blogger?

I enjoy writing. But, everything I read about being a blogger says I have to participate in social media, network with other bloggers, allow readers to comment and respond to them, build a community and a whole lot of other things I do not want to do!

Can I be a blogger without communicating with my readers? I don’t want to talk to a lot of strangers!

For some people, having a blog is about two-way communication and community building. But not for me. I have extremely limited communication with my readers. So I know for a fact that you can make money as a blogger without talking to strangers.

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Copyright Your Blog or Website

It’s a new year. Should I change the copyright date on all my work so I don’t lose it?

You really should update any website regularly, including the copyright date. Many people think that if the copyright on a website is old, the website is not trustworthy. That’s a good reason to update the copyright notice. But you don’t have to change the date every year to protect your rights. That is not how copyright works.

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How long should a blog post be?

Blogger Tips

If you search, you will find contradictory answers.

  • A blog post should contain at least 300 words…
  • The ideal length for a blog post is 200-400 words…
  • Any post that exceeds 500 words should be broken into two posts…
  • The best blogging length should be 300-600 words…
  • Consider writing 400 to 600 words for small effective posts…
  • A post between 400-600 words is widely considered the “standard” length…
  • Experts suggest that 1500-2000 words is the ideal length of a blog post…
  • The ideal blog post length should be at least 2,000 words…
  • Blog post should be 2,100-2,400 words…

So, how many words should you write for a good blog post that gets traffic?

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Set Up Google’s WordPress Plugin Site Kit

Set Up Google’s WordPress Plugin Site Kit

Google AdSense Notifications suggested I try out Google’s new official WordPress plugin: Site Kit.

I already have AdSense working fine on all of my sites. But, I decided to try Site Kit on one.

When you set up AdSense Site Kit, be sure you finish following all of the steps. You get Congratulations! messages for finishing steps along the way, but you are not really completely done. If you want ads to show so that you can earn money, you have to completely set up and connect AdSense once you have Site Kit successfully installed.

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Use Google to Spark Blogging Ideas

Blogger Tips

If you’ve been blogging for a while, sometimes you totally draw a blank on anything at all to write about. Sometimes I will look through my photos for anything I haven’t talked about yet. I might find some photos from some old “great idea” that I never got around to actually writing about. Sometimes I … Read more

What day of the week has the highest Amazon sales?

Amazon Associates Tips

When I first started being an Amazon Associate being an Amazon Associate I checked my report all the time. My first really big sale was on a Sunday and I’ve noticed that I have more big sales on Sunday. A lot of the higher dollar amount items that sell don’t ship for a while, but again and again I see the higher sales on Sunday.

Is this typical? Is there anything I can do with this information? I came up with this article;

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