How do I write the words for my business site?

This example is for a business that does pressure washing, but the same ideas work for any site.

First, make a list. Who locally is your competition?
I don’t mean who are your enemies. I mean, if someone is looking for someone to pressure wash, who locally might they think of? Make a list. I use Microsoft Word.

Look for their websites. Put a link to each website below the name of each business name.

Next, Google “pressure washing” and see what comes up. Ignore the paid ads at the top of the page.

Look at what comes up by the map. If these are not businesses on your Local Competition list, add them and the link to their business. (This might be a good time to add your business to the map, if you haven’t already.)

Now look at the businesses that show up on the first page. Ignore anything that is not actually a business offering pressure washing. Home Depot selling pressure washers is not your competition.

List these businesses with the link to their site.

If someone is using the internet to compare, these are the sites that they will be comparing.


Now, you have a list of businesses and links.

Look at each of these sites and list the pages on each site. They may have different names, but they will likely have these pages; Home, Services, About, maybe some other pages…

Don’t steal their words. But take notes on what each of these businesses puts on their pages.

This gives you a really good idea for what should be on each page of your site. Just find what applies to you and your business and write it in your own words.

Make it easy for someone to be able to compare. Make it clear what services your business offers and why they should choose to call you.

Be really sure to make it easy to contact you. People should not have to click a Contact page to find your contact information. It should be on every page of your site, prominent and easy to find.

If you only work in one area, make it clear where that is. This should be easy to see on every page, especially the home page.

Remember, a search may not bring someone to the home page of your site. Make sure that whatever page is the first page the visitor sees, they know what and where your business is.