What day of the week has the highest Amazon sales?

When I first started being an Amazon Associate being an Amazon Associate I checked my report all the time. My first really big sale was on a Sunday and I’ve noticed that I have more big sales on Sunday. A lot of the higher dollar amount items that sell don’t ship for a while, but again and again I see the higher sales on Sunday.

Is this typical? Is there anything I can do with this information? I came up with this article;

Amazon Sales Trends: Day of the Week Performance Analysis

Which day of the week do we tend to see the highest sales on Amazon?

Ad Advance PPC Guides: Amazon Sales Trends

The article says that their study and other online shopping studies agreed that Sunday and Monday were the busiest days for overall online sales. Mondays are the busiest day with traffic 5% over average. Sundays are the second busiest with 4.2% up.

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If you are an Amazon Associate, you’re on the other side of this equation. Sort of. Google is paying for clicks on my sites.  I haven’t noticed clicks paying more on any day of the week. And I haven’t noticed any peaks in Pay Per Click earnings for any day of the week.

What can we do with this information? I don’t know. I guess if the site has to go down for maintenance or something, Sunday and Monday would not be the days to do it. But I haven’t scheduled a site to go down in years and years.