Use Google to Spark Blogging Ideas

If you’ve been blogging for a while, sometimes you totally draw a blank on anything at all to write about.

Sometimes I will look through my photos for anything I haven’t talked about yet. I might find some photos from some old “great idea” that I never got around to actually writing about. Sometimes I find some photos I’ve used already, but I can come up with something else, something different to say about them.

But if I am just totally drawing a blank, I try Google.

For example Caving. Imagine you have a blog on Caving. If you want to add a post and can’t think of anything interesting to say, you could put the word “Caving” into the search bar.

Wikipedia, Wikipedia options and People Also Ask

The first result is Wikipedia, of course. If you haven’t already, read what Wikipedia has to say. This might spark an idea. Wikipedia gives three other options; Glossary of Caving and Speleology, ‎List of UK Caving Fatalities and ‎Caving Equipment, so three more ideas of things to write about.

Next Google gives People Also Ask.

  • What do u mean by caving?
  • What do you do in caving?
  • What is the difference between caving and spelunking?
  • What are the different types of caving?

Evidently these are things people want to know about, so they are great ideas for blog posts.

Next comes Top Stories. This is whatever has recently been in the news that uses your key word. This is a great source for something new to talk about on your blog. But don’t forget, you cannot use their photos unless they say you can.

Where can I get photos for my blog?

Related Searches are things people are interested in and searching for on Google.

The bottom of the Search Results page has Related Searches. This is where I find some of my best ideas. These are things people are interested in and searching for on Google.

  • caving in synonym
  • caving tools
  • caving near me
  • caving adventure
  • is caving dangerous
  • caving urban dictionary
  • caving activities
  • spelunking vs caving

So, next time you are drawing a blank, try Google.