Reevaluate Your SEO Keywords

You likely spent some time evaluating your keywords and writing content when you first put your website up, but this is something that needs to be constantly revisited.

Reevaluate SEO Keywords

  • Words actually being searched
  • Not unrealistically competitive

Take some time to make sure your content is targeting your actual customers, not just site visitors.

Google offers a Keyword Planner for Adwords, Google’s paid search inclusion. It will give you a lot of information on words that it is worth targeting:

Evaluate Competition

Put in the search terms you think someone would use to find your site. Is your site coming up? Is it perhaps because you have failed to use these words anywhere on your site?

See what sites come up. What are they doing right?

How do I write the words for my business site?

Optimize Site

If you have found some holes in your SEO content, make the needed adjustments. Create or edit existing pages to target these search terms.

Don’t forget, just because it was working last time you looked, it doesn’t stay fixed. Google and other search engines change the rules all of the time.

Google prefers newer pages and changed content. And your competition is optimizing their site, too.

Mobile Devices

Check your site on Android, iPhone and iPad operating systems.

Check all of the pages of your site. The design of the site might be ideal, but there may be some content that is not compatible. Some images may not look as good on mobile devices as they do on a computer.

Make any needed adjustments to your CSS or even change to a different WordPress Theme. Things change. What used to work may stop working.