Resolve Google AdSense Ad Serving Limits!

AdSense Alert
AdSense Alert

Have you ever been hit by Google AdSense Ad Serving Limits? After all of your work, just as you are starting to see some income, you get an email from Google and the money stops. And you don’t even know what you did wrong.

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Well, it looks like it may have gotten a lot easier to find and fix the problem. I just got an email from Google AdSense introducing a change to Policy center.

Please use the information in the Policy center to promptly and efficiently resolve these issues to minimize potential disruptions to your ad serving.

Google AdSense Policy Center

Get to Policy Center from the menu. Right now it just shows me no issues.

You can use the Policy center to discover, understand, and resolve issues that affect ad serving on your sites.

If there is an issue, the page will show which site (or sites) have a problem and what the problem is. No more guessing! They promise “descriptions and screenshots” so we will know what to fix.