How do I make a Home page instead of having the most recent Post be my Home page?

It is really simple to have a static home page that doesn’t just show your most recent posts. There are two ways. Both work. Both are really easy. Jump right in or read both sets of directions and decide which way you want to do it.

I think it is a good idea to take some time and make a Home page first. Take some time, decide what you want on your Home page, Preview Changes and be sure it looks the way you want. Then change the settings so that it is the Home page.

First Method

Add New Page

1-Make a Home Page and a Page for Your Posts

If you haven’t already made a page to be your home page, go to Pages > Add New.

Most people name it Home. Some people name it the name of the business. It really doesn’t matter what you name it, as long as you remember the name. Make sure you Publish.

Whatever is on this page will display as the Home page of your site.

If you still want a page that shows all of your blog posts in one place, make a page for that. (You don’t have to.) You can name it Posts, Blog, News, Poems or Musings. Again, it doesn’t matter what you name it, as long as you remember the name. Make sure you Publish.

This page stays blank.

Settings > Reading

2-Change Your Homepage Display Settings

Next, go to Settings > Reading.

If this is selected, your home page will show your most recent post.

Right now, your site has your most recent post as your Home page.

If this is selected, you can show the new Home page you made.

Select static page. Then choose what page will be your Home Page and what page will be your Posts page.

If you do not select a Posts Page, your Posts will still be findable using the Search Box or using Categories.

If you do not see the Pages you just made, check to make sure they are Published.

There are some other options here you might want to adjust, as long as you are here.

Alternate Method

Like many other things in WordPress, there is more than one way to do this. In this method you can create blank pages and assign them as Home and Posts pages on the same screen.

Go to Appearance > Customize

1-Change Homepage Settings in Customize Appearance

Go to Appearance > Customize.

Select Homepage Settings

Click Homepage Settings.

Right now it shows Your latest posts

Right now your Home page shows Your latest posts.

When you select A static page, you can choose your Homepage and Posts page from the drop down.

If you click the A static page radio button, it gives you the drop-down options to select a page. Or you can click Add New Page. That creates a blank page with the name you give it.

An advantage to doing it this way is that you can see the changes live as you make them. You can even click on the links to see the various pages with the changes as you make them.

When you finish, be sure to click Publish at the top of the page.

If you Add New Page to Select your Homepage, you have added a blank page and made it your homepage. Be sure to go to that page and put something on it.

You do not have to have a Posts page

You do not have to have a Posts page.  Depending on how you are setting up your site, you can use Search, Categories and Tags to organize your site rather than having a single page display all of your posts as you publish them.