I changed my mind on my Categories and Tags. Is there an easy way to change them?

Yes, you can make a lot of changes to Posts or Pages without opening every single one.

Posts and Pages

From your Dashboard, click on Posts or Pages.

List of Posts with Title, Date, Author, Categories and Tags

It will open a list with columns.

Pages only shows Title, Author, whether it is Published or still a Draft and the date it was published.

Posts gives you Title, Author, Categories, Tags and the date it was published.

It is usually Categories and Tags you might want to change. You can easily scan the list to see if you have the Categories and Tags you want for each Post.

Quick Edit

When you see one you want to change, hover over the title and a list of options shows. Choose Quick Edit.

Change the Title, Date, Author, Categories and Tags.

You can see all of the things you can change.

The only one that isn’t obvious is Slug. Slug is the name of the page that shows in the address bar. It’s not a great idea to change this. If you have linked to the page, you will have to change the links to match the new name or they will get “Oops! That page can’t be found”.

If your Blog is set up to show the date as part of the Posts name, don’t change the date. But if you have the date set to publish in the future, you can change the date you want it to publish.

You can change the Author, Categories, and Tags. You can publish a page that is still a Draft, if it is finished.