What is a Good Format for a Blog Post or Web Page?

You can write any way that you enjoy, but here are some format ideas that may make it easier.

One Standard Format

Introductory Paragraph

Bulleted List

Three more paragraphs with more information about the things in the bulleted list.

Call to Action

There are a lot of other options and variations.

Features and Benefits

Introductory Paragraph

Bulleted List of Features

A paragraph or two about Features

Bulleted List of Benefits

A paragraph or two about Benefits

Benefits show how the Features benefit the reader.

Call to Action

Problem and Solution

Introductory paragraph tells the problem

Possibly other paragraphs about solutions that did not work


Paragraph about solution

Bulleted List

Conclusion and Call to Action

Start With Photos

Write a Caption for each photo as you Upload Files into WordPress.

Put the photos on the page in a logical manner.

Using the Caption, add more information in a paragraph below each photo.

Tell a Story

This is a popular blog format. It works great for Travel Blogs and other personal experience blogs.

I find this the easiest format to work with when talking about a product. I often start with why I was looking for the product. So sometimes it is a Problem/Solution story. Often it is just a Look at this Cool Thing story.

What is the Call to Action?

What do you want the reader to do next?

If you are selling a product, make it easy to buy the product.
If you have a service, make it easy to contact you.
Suggest the next page to read to increase your ad revenue.

Why Bulleted Lists?

People are most likely to just scan web pages. A bulleted list is easier to scan. If they immediately see something interesting, they are more likely to read your page.