Is it a Post or a Page?

This is your blog. You can make your own rules.

Is a Post or a Page Better?

They are different, but one is not better than the other.

You can link to posts and pages in your menus and links.
Both posts and pages show up in search results on your Blog.
Google doesn’t seem to care whether the information is a Post or a Page

How Posts and Pages are Different

If you have subscribers, they will get an alert every time you publish a new post. They won’t be told about a page.

Pages should always have current, accurate information.

Posts have dates. Think of them more as newspaper articles. They should be accurate when you write them, but if things change, you don’t have to go searching through old posts to update them.

For example, imagine you have written a post about Cable Lighting. Products become discontinued.

If it is a Page, you should update the information.

If it is a Post, write a new post about the latest products.
If you want to, link to the new Post from the old Post.

Posts can be given Categories and Tags. Site visitors use these tools to find more information.

Some Themes have areas for a Featured Post on the home page. You can’t display a Page in this area.

You can change your mind. Even if you write it as a Post, you can change it to a Page. There might even be some plugin to do it. But it is really easy to copy the Text (the tab is on the side of the panel you write in) and paste it into a new Page or Post. That will move everything, with all your media, pictures, formatting and all into the new Page or Post.


  • Subscribers are notified of new posts
  • Have a date
  • You don’t have to update them
  • Have Categories and Tags
  • Some Themes display Post excerpts on the Home page


  • Should be current and accurate


  • Can be linked to
  • Can show up in the menu
  • Search Engines see both

How Much Does It Cost?

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