Should I pay to be at the top of search engines?

Why not? Try it! Google usually has some sort of offer running. You might get a postcard with a code to try Google Ads free or an introductory discount. You don’t have to invest a lot. Set a budget that works for your business Google ads give you control over your advertising budget. Set a … Read more

How do I set up billing so I don’t lose my business Google email?

Free Google administered email is going away. If you want to keep using it, you have to start paying for it. This is how to set up billing. Go to You must sign in using your administrator account, not your personal account if they are not the same. It must be an account with … Read more

Help! I have negative Amazon Commissions!

Amazon Associates Tips

Amazon Prime Day was bigger than ever in 2022. Prime Day was July 12 and 13. Amazon Associates had increased commission rates for even longer. But now that it is over and people start returning things… sometimes you can see your earnings in the negative. It feels like Amazon is charging you to work for … Read more

How to post square videos on Instagram

Instagram has changed the way your videos display. You used to be able to easily choose to publish square videos, but they just changed it to have horizontal or full screen vertical video reels. Here is a hack if you still want your videos to display as square posts. Instagram has changed video display options. … Read more

Social Media, Blogs, Selfies and Photos

Most Social Media and many blogs include a lot of selfies. Do you have to have selfies? No. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. I have extremely few selfies on my Social Media and I don’t remember any photos of me at all on all but one of my blogs. … Read more

Do I have to build a community to be a blogger?

Want to be a Blogger?

I enjoy writing. But everything I read about being a blogger says I have to participate in social media, network with other bloggers, allow readers to comment and respond to them, build a community and a whole lot of other things I do not want to do! Can I be a blogger without communicating with … Read more

You set up my blog site for me. How do I add Posts and Pages?

It is going to be really simple. Just copy from Microsoft Word, paste into WordPress and click Publish. Select Categories and Tags to organize and add pictures to make your site more appealing. Scan these easy steps, and return to them if you run into trouble. Printable PDF Instructions for Adding Your First Post When … Read more