Reevaluate Your SEO Keywords

You likely spent some time evaluating your keywords and writing content when you first put your website up, but this is something that needs to be constantly revisited. Reevaluate SEO Keywords Words actually being searched Not unrealistically competitive Take some time to make sure your content is targeting your actual customers, not just site visitors. … Read more

How do I make money on my blog?

How Do I Monetize My Blog?

This is the first question I am asked. There are a lot of different ways to monetize a blog. And you don’t have to have a lot written yet to start making some money blogging. Google AdSense Signing up for Google AdSense is super easy. Just answer a few questions. You can put a couple … Read more

Search Engine Optimization

If Search Engine traffic is going to be a major source of traffic to your web site it should be considered at the initial stage of site development. Search engines can’t see your graphics, design or photographs. All it sees is your words. (True, you can search Google images, but all Google really looks at … Read more

Want to be a Blogger?

Want to be a Blogger?

I am frequently asked how to be a blogger. The answer really depends on what you want out of it. I’ve been writing for years. I’ve only monetized blogging about a year ago and I am surprised how much money my blogs are generating. Why do you want to blog? There are a lot of … Read more

SEO: Search Engine Optimization Part 1

The point of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is to improve the content of your site for better visibility in organic search, search you don’t have to pay for. The first step is defining your website’s objective. What is the purpose of your web site? This should be the first step for any business undertaking, … Read more

SEO: Search Engine Optimization Part 2

This post is a continuation of the information in SEO: Search Engine Optimization Part 1. If you haven’t reviewed that information first, start there. Meta tags Meta information used to be very important, but it doesn’t seem to be anymore. You may not even have access to it in your WordPress Theme. Here is an … Read more

Website Marketing Plan

There are a lot of ways you can get more out of your website. This is a list of ideas. Take some time to think about and answer these questions to get the most value from your site. They are all good ideas. It just depends on how much time you have to put into … Read more